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You would think that with all that the new EMRs offer, you wouldn't need DeductorMD to help you, but you'd be wrong. My hospital just went live with the highest rated EMR out there, and it doesn't give you any help deciding the actual Medical Decision Making Level. In fact, when calculating your visit level, it actually says that it assumes that MDM is complex. If you have coders and you trust them not to commit fraud on your behalf, then that may be good enough for you, but not for me. 

DeductorMD gives me confidence that my billing is accurate. It only takes a few seconds to enter the Problem Point, Data Point and Patient Risk information from a visit and calculate an accurate MDM level. No more guessing. No more putting your license in jeopardy due to Medical Decision Making inaccuracies.

Medical Perceptors conducted extensive beta testing prior to releasing DeductorMD, the revolutionary healthcare application for tablets and smartphones. We took each evaluation very seriously. Please read on below to see what your colleagues have shared with us.



DeductorMD is a reliable and efficient tool for calculating medical decision making. I found it to be very user friendly and accurate. I think any provider can use it with confidence to help select the most appropriate evaluation and management code supported by their documentation and medical neccessity.

Beverly Welshans,

Buffalo, NY, USA

Shared With Us... 

I have used the app for coding and it works really well.  It does add a little more time with the patient, but using it recovers more income. I highly endorse this coding app.  Great job!
Dr. David C. O'Neil, Orchard Park, NY

DeductorMD is a unique program to process patient data helping to determine complexity of medical decision making. As a cardiologist, most of my patients are complex. This was reflected in the use of the program. Occasionally, the complexity was higher than I appreciated. The program is easy to use adding only a few minutes to patient encounter. It reinforces the elements that go into Medical Decision Making. I highly recommend it.

Dr. Joseph W. Helak, Boone, North Carolina

​After a short while, you don't need to look up every MDM level, but you are confident that you've entered the right one. And DeductorMD is always there to help when you have a confusing case that could go either way. Just enter the information and you'll know that you've captured the charges you deserve without committing fraud. Just think of how many times you down coded a chart when you weren't sure and didn't want to chance a problem. You never have to leave revenue unclaimed or worry about overcharging once you own DeductorMD.

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