Medical Informatics and DeductorMD: How it Works

The DeductorMD application is a health informatics tool which combines a fundamental basis for a key component in the billing code selection. These distinct properties of medicine allows for the intervention of tablet and smartphone technology. The healthcare industry asserts a far reaching set of variables in Medical Decision Making component that now can be resolved using computational techniques and algorithms found in the DeductorMD application simply. To assist the clinician, please review below.​

The DeductorMD technology is the synergy of two forms of Medical Informatics, namely - Computational Health and Clinical Research. The DeductorMD application available for the tablet and/or smartphone is a product of computational health informatics that deals specifically with the computations that are relevant in Medical Decision Making. ​

DeductorMD in Action



I have used the app for coding and it works really well.  It does add a little more time with the patient, but using it recovers more income. I highly endorse this coding app.  Great job!
Dr. David C. O'Neil

Orchard Park, NY

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