Evaluation and Management

The factors within the program calculates the data based upon possible diagnoses and the number of options that must be considered, the amount and/or complexity of medical records, diagnostic tests and other information that physicians must secure, review and evaluate along with risk of significant complications, morbidity and/or mortality. Based on these factors the need to establish a diagnoses and select a management option becomes not only vital to patient care, it is also the information needed by the clinician for proper evaluation and management code selection.

​The DeductorMD application available for your tablet or smartphone processes the data and relieves the practitioner of guesswork or oversight.  DeductorMD will inform the user of the proper MDM level for successful reporting, resulting in preventative error.  Learn how our DeductorMD application works and how much time and anxiety it will save you.

Medical evaluation and management data is vast and diverse.  The complexity of the Medical Decision Making compounds this problem; this is where DeductorMD excels at assisting the clinician. Four types of Medical Decision Making levels are addressed:  straightforward, low complexity, moderate complexity and high complexity.



DeductorMD is a reliable and efficient tool for calculating medical decision making. I found it to be very user friendly and accurate. I think any provider can use it with confidence to help select the most appropriate evaluation and management code supported by their documentation and medical neccessity.

Beverly Welshans,

Buffalo, NY, USA

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