Decision Support Systems in Healthcare

It is truly a decision support system in healthcare which makes recommendations to the practitioner for the billing process. The practitioner will simply input the information and the DeductorMD app will make a recommendation for the clinician. This process is the unique merge of knowledge based information and technology based information. It is also the ultimate in state of the art healthcare intelligence for proper Medical Decision Making all available in your palm.​

Healthcare practitioners are aided by this revolutionary Medical Decision Making support system. The  main purpose of DeductorMD is to assist healthcare practitioners at or immediately following the point of care. The clinician would interact with the DeductorMD app to help determine the level of Medical Decision Making based on data entered. It is not to make decisions for the clinician. 



DeductorMD is a unique program to process patient data helping to determine complexity of medical decision making. As a cardiologist, most of my patients are complex. This was reflected in the use of the program. Occasionally, the complexity was higher than I appreciated. The program is easy to use adding only a few minutes to patient encounter. It reinforces the elements that go into Medical Decision Making. I highly recommend it.
Dr. Joseph W. Helak
Boone, North Carolina

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