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Tablet and Smartphone Technology


Decision Support Systems

Healthcare practitioner is aided by this revolutionary decision support system in healthcare.

Evaluation & Management

DeductorMD informs the user of  the proper Medical Decision Making level for proper reporting.

         How It Works

DeductorMD is a key component in Medical Decision Making billing code selection. Learn how it works here.

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Medical Decision Making Levels Meet Technology

The healthcare industry promotes practitioners to use technology for Medical Decision Making, billing code support and evidence-based medical billing. To answer this call, the DeductorMD application for tablets and smartphones has been created.

Why? Our industry is subject to a continuous surge of medical advancements coupled with rising demands in accountability in clinical, operational and financial data and information.  Healthcare practitioners need visceral information to meet their professional knowledge to assist them for timely and accurate Medical Decision Making.  The time is prime for health information technology in the form of the DeductorMD application. 

Practitioners that utilize DeductorMD with their tablet or smartphone will be assisted in the resolution of information, detail and associations which, at times, are incohesive.  The DeductorMD app will prevent data induced error so that the clinician can better focus on the delivery of patient care.  Medical informatics is the union of technology and healthcare, and the DeductorMD application takes this to the targeted sector of Medical Decision Making. 

The evaluation and management of patient care is under constant scrutiny.  It is our mission to alleviate some guesswork and prevent errors by offering a decision support system in healthcare, the DeductorMD app for a tablet or smartphone.  It’s time for the healthcare provider to efficiently merge the ease of technology with professional wisdom that results in an enhanced care experience.

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